By the agreements reached between WECASS INSTITUTE Berlin, WECASS INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY LIMITED;a sister company registered in Nigeria is representing some of the world’s largest renewable energy manufacturers. These companies are also partnering Wecass Institute on the implementation of the BELLSTECH-WECASS RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTRE FOR AFRICAN. With the development of manpower and increase in the integration renewable energy across Africa, some of these companies will be attracted to invest in Africa.
The partnership will challenge dumping of substandard solar and wind energy components such as Photovoltaic panels, Inverters, Batteries, Brackets etc into the African markets by dubious manufacturers. The vast Nigerian market will be the first beneficiary of this initiative because of the location of the centre in Nigeria. This initiative will provide material testing laboratories to consumers and the unsuspecting Nigerian public who are often deceived into investing in fake solar or wind energy components that fails shortly after installation.
In some African circles, there is growing suspicion that renewable energy based on solar or wind is not reliable, this suspicion is responsible for the lull in the integration and adoption of these technologies in Africa where as the world is turning to a 100% Renewable Energy Future in the longer term. According to World Council on Renewable Energy, global installation stood at 200 GW of Wind-power and 60 GW of solar Photovoltaic, of which 6GW decentralized as at 2011. In this same period, global Photovoltaic market grew from 10.5GW in 2009 to 18GW 2010 and was worth 100 billion EURO. Germany; global leader in renewable energy created 380,000 jobs in this sector; over 160,000 in solar PV alone with over one million houses equipped with PV.
WECASS INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY LIMITED has the ability to supply solar and wind energy components to customers, end-users, reseller, consumers, whole-sellers, retailers etc in commercial quantities and also is able to execute Government and private sector contracts for all types of solar and wind energy projects, be it public on-grid/ off-grid solar and wind power stations, off-grid home solutions, customized power stations or solutions for special needs, rural electrification or centralized street light systems, maintenance of existing or revival of failed or abandoned solar/ wind projects etc.
BELLSTECH-WECASS RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTRE FOR AFRICAN is a geared towards research and development of renewable energy components and raw materials locally. In no distant time and with the graduation and qualification of capable manpower, the centre will commence local production of solar/ wind energy components in Africa in other to further reduce the cost of adoption of these technologies.
We will post pictures of our projects in Africa on this page as soon as they are available.