Meeting with Professor Abdallah HARIZI at Tunisia Vocational Training Centre in


From Left to right: H.E. Dr. Alifa Farouk; former Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Germany, Engr. Forster O. Edward; member of Wecass Institute Team, and Professor Abdallah HARIZI; Director General of Tunisia Vocational Training Centre, Tunis.

H.E. Dr. Alifa Farouk is instrumental to building partnership between Wecass Institute, AFDB and other multinational institutions to enable a smooth implementation of Bellstech-Wecass Energy centre for Africa. She also spearheaded the negotiation that has yielded into an agreement to establish the North African branch of the African energy centre in Tunisia in partnership with Vocational Training Centre Tunis, TECHNOPOLE and the Ministry of Higher Education, Tunisia. The involvement of Prof. A. HARIZI in the process ensured a faster response to the MOU due to his experience and conviction of the benefits of WECASS quality services and its benefits to Tunisia.